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Known by all as the Doctor, Maurizio Fragiacomo was a born and bred in Milan, owner of Maison Fragiacomo, founded by his father Dante in 1956. The elegance, simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship of Fragiacomo’s footwear have earned the brand an excellent reputation with a very demanding clientele both in Italy and abroad.

Maurizio appreciated the elegance and culture of his native Milan, which he was very fond of, not only as a conscientious entrepreneur devoted to his family but also as a true scholar. Literature, history, philosophy, nature, science, and classical music were always his chief interests and passions.

Shy, reserved, distinguished, introverted, he knew how to make people love and appreciate him and was gifted with an unusual ability to listen. Those who knew him will never forget him. Goodbye Maurizio, and thank you for your last and most generous bequest to the community.


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