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The big project of the Foundation


Your generosity is important to help us reach out to the less fortunate and to support good causes.

Achieving our goals requires dedication and hard work. The Foundation supports several projects with the help of many people who, in most cases, volunteer completely free of charge. We ensure that donations of any amount are carefully managed in an ethical, transparent way for the sole purpose of supporting the projects underway.

Donations can be made by any means except for cash: bank deposit, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank checks and drafts.

Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo ONLUS meets all subjective and objective requirements pursuant to the current regulations (see attachment below) and prepares an annual management report on the basis of properly kept accounting books.




Donate via bank transfer

Bank account number: Banca Fideuram, IBAN  IT34K0329601601000066475462

Credited to: Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo Onlus



Donate with PayPal

By clicking on the “Donate” button you ensure a secure and fast transaction. With PayPal you can donate with most credit cards.


Donate with 5X1000


It is easy to donate your 5 x1000 to the Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo Onlus. You can make an important contribution, at no cost to you, to support all the activities of the Foundation.



Just place your signature and our tax code 93034910039 in the non-profit donation field located on your income tax return form (Form 730, UNICO and CUD).


Thank you for your generosity and kindness


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